Where to buy HCG Drops From?

This is the most often asked question from those people who are looking to buy HCG drops to tart their HCG diet. Today, we answer this question to simplify once for all.

First you have to decide whether you are trying buy locally or ONline.

If you are trying to buy locally then there are several places like Amazon and Walmart.

You can decide on online ecommerce reputable store. these stores are have several reviews for each brand. Read these reviews and decide which is the best HCG drop brand for your weight loss. needs.

Now, when you decide to buy online there are even more options compared to local. There are some brands like HCG Complex, HCG Triumph, HCG 1234, HCG Easy etc.

Since, there are several options while buying online, it is also easy to get confused. You don’t know which is best, which works great and which is effective in weight loss.

That is why you need to look at HCG Review Sites. One such site is HCG Police. HCG Police reviews all HCG Brands present online and provides feedback on each.

They try each HCG drop for a month and rate their effectiveness for weight loss.

Finally, they have boiled down all HCG drop in to top 3 HCG drops. These are listed on their front page.

However, we suggest that you from HCG Complex.

Here are some reasons as to why you should opt for HCG Complex:

  1. They are the cheapest HCG drops compared to all other HCG brand.
  2. They have an offer for Buy One Get One Free. When You buy a bottle of HCG Complex you get a bottle of HCG Complex completely Free.
  3. They are most effective in weight loss when compared to other HCG Drops. If you compare ounce for ounce of HCG, HCG Complex helps to lose more weight
  4. HCG Complex has several ingredients which are appetite suppressants and fat burners.This is the reason why they help to burn more fat than other hCG drops.
  5. They also have energy boosters. Usually, HCG Diet are low calorie diet. Therefore, it is common for people to get hunger pangs frequently. With HCG complex you won’t have any hunger pangs. The reason being energy boosters within the ingredients. These energy boosters provide you the necessary energy to pass through the day actively.

If you are still unsure as to where to buy HCG drops from then I strongly suggest read this article by Helen Sanders. Helen Sanders is registered dietician from California and has a detailed article on where to buy hcg drops. It is a very comprehensive article on the topic and you will know the best place to buy HCG drops from.

Pharmaceutical HCG Drops Reviews

What are HCG Drops?

HCG Drops are very necessary if you’re doing an HCG Diet. HCG stands for human gonadotropin hormone that’s a substance which assists in preventing negative side effects when you’re on an extreme diet.

This diet is unique and very powerful and will actually assist you to lose lots of weight in a very short time. The HCG Drops are used in order to spike your hormones (one of the major hormones which get a spike is the testosterone that helps in fat loss and muscle building).

Once you get a spike in the hormones, you will begin to lose weight so fast, while preserving your muscle mass.

How Do HCG Drops Work?

HCG drops are primarily absorbed into the bloodstream where they’re directly woken up into work mode. Real HCG drops usually trigger the hormone Leptin to send different messages to the hypothalamus in the brain.

Leptin is produced in the fat cells and has a role which could be compared to the manager that ensures that all fat deposits are burned. Leptin is responsible for relaying messages such as informing the brain to stop eating; there is adequate fat stores to be used for fuel.

Overeating will cause what cannot be burned to be stored again. The available fat stores are then inventoried by the Leptin, who then tells the brain regarding the amount available to be blasted and burned off.

The extra lipotropics and metabolic boosters offer other essential benefits to boost weight loss. They hone mental clarity and focus, provide nutrition to the body, boost the HCG complex to do its job better, protect muscle tissue from deterioration, and encourage appropriate functions of organs involved in fat metabolism process.

Advantages of Using HCG Drops

1. Natural

2. Non-invasive

2. Affordable

3. User-friendly

4. Cheaper than the injections

5. Painless

6. Side-effect free

Major Types of HCG Drops

Prescription and homeopathic types are HCG hormone drops which both facilitate weight loss, but they also apply to various needs.

1. Homeopathic HCG Drops

This is a good choice compared to any other HCG types available, and it is considered “over the counter,” so you do not require a prescription to obtain it. This makes it easily affordable and accessible without compromising on potency and quality.

2. Prescription HCG Drops

These HCG diet drops have a solution which similar to the prescription strength HCG injections. Nonetheless, the prescription strength HCG drops are so popular among those who have an aversion to needles.

They are prepared in a compounding pharmacy where different pharmacists can conjure up customized doses needed by individuals particularly for their needs based on their prescription.

Side Effects of HCG Drops

Pure HCG drops are believed to be extremely safe and gentle to use. Despite the common misunderstandings of the HCG use, it is actually practically side-effect free.

In case there are any side effects, they usually occur because excessive use of the HCG or improper implementation of the diet protocols.

Since the diet is a sudden change for the body to adjust, symptoms can include dizziness, headaches, light-headedness, mild nausea, mild diarrhea, and food cravings. These may be common but will not last more than one week.

The bottom line

You can obtain both the prescription and homeopathic HCG drops for sale online at the affordable prices possible. Always purchase HCG drops online from a reputable and licensed pharmacies or homeopaths which offer pure and true HCG drops with high-quality and potency.

HCG Diet Dangers: All You Want to Know

People who have subscribed to the HCG diet know for sure that losing weight with HCG is not everybody’s cup of tea. The trendy diet plan by theside effects name of HCG diet was introduced to the weight loss and fitness industry when unregulated homeopathic versions of the HCG hormone became available widely. However, the idea of losing weight through HCG hormone dates back to the 50s and despite warnings being issued by the FDA for decades, the plan has caught attention of several people desperate to lose weight by hook or by crook.

The Program:

As per the diet program, you are required to get HCG injected daily. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is a pregnancy hormone prescribed for treating infertility. Besides doses of HCG, the diet restricts your daily calorie intake to 500 which is less than half the number of calories needed by the human body.

Dangers of HCG diet:

So if HCG diet plan has enticed you into subscribing to it and you are looking for some potential dangers of going with it to arrive at the final decision, you have come to the right place. Subsequent paragraphs will enlighten you on some of the HCG diet dangers.

Dangers of HCG diet arise out of two factors. Firstly you may experience ill effects of the HCG hormone and secondly, the 500 calorie limit may harm your energy levels. A lot depends upon the type of HCG you are taking. The prescription form of the hormone has been found to be the most dangerous. Other forms of HCG intake include having it in the form of homeopathic substitutions which go slow on the body. Homeopathic HCG has little to no side effects contrary to the prescription injections.

Coming over to the dangers of a calorie limiting diet, there is no denial that HCG diet is a huge shift from the average daily diet of a healthy person. HCG diet not only restricts your calorie intake to 500 per day but also dictates the food items you are allowed to have. The food items allowed are high protein nutrient rich foods that nourish your body especially if you take multivitamins prescribed by the diet.

Here is a sneak peek into some of the most commonly experienced ill effects of HCG diet:

  1. Constipation

The fact that you will be eating a lot less than what you used to earlier will naturally leave you will less to excrete. People on HCG diet have reported delayed bowel movement which can be as much as 2-4 days apart. This is, however, not the classic constipation when you have the pressure sensation but are unable to defecate. In such cases, it is recommended that you resort to a mild sugar free laxative and drink lots and lots of water to soften things up and smooth the track.

  1. Headache

The body takes some time to adjust to the new dietary routine which results in headaches. This is possibly the most common side effect of HCG diet and invariably occurs with almost all subscribers of the diet some time or the other during the diet. Take a pain killer and have plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

  1. Dizziness

Another temporary and simple side effect is dizziness which arises out of the fact that body is on a low calorie diet. It is usually mild and subsides by itself.

  1. Leg Cramps

Leg cramps may rarely occur due to low potassium levels in the body arising out of dietary restrictions. A potassium supplement may work just fine to soothe cramps. A better option is to take a multivitamin which includes potassium along with a few other important nutrients.

  1. Rash

Another side effect of HCG diet is a skin rash. This is because your body consumes fat cells in an accelerated mode when you are on HCG diet plan. This results in release of toxins into the blood stream which build up to cause rashes. Drinking enough water is a solution to rashes which will be flushed away by excess water that you have.

There is no denial that these side effects have surfaced only in a small percentage of dieters and as stated, they can be avoided by common medication. However, the question that arises is whether or not HCG diet helps in weight loss. This predicament has a simple answer i.e.’No’. As a matter of fact, a number of dieters may have experienced temporary weight loss because they have deprived their bodies of essential nutrients. This lost weight is however quick to return and may make the matters worse than what they were before.

Although FDA has never approved the drug for weight loss, it is not illegal for medical practitioners to prescribe it for this purpose. The dangers of this diet plan increases manifold when you stand a risk of falling for an illegitimate site on the internet claiming to be selling authentic HCG. It is wise to be wary of such drugs because there is no control over their efficacy or safety. Even prescription drugs may cause side effects mentioned above besides others such as depression and restlessness. There may also be instances of blood clots in the body. Few HCG users have felt pregnancy symptoms such as swelling, water retention and sensitive breasts. HCG may even cause Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) which may prove to be fatal in rare cases.

HCG treatment is expensive and is not covered under health insurance anywhere in the world. Studies have revealed that subjects who were given a placebo in place of HCG and kept on a 500 calorie diet showed the same temporary weight loss. This points out to the fact that weight loss, if any, during the HCG diet is a result of calorie deprivation and not HCG.

It shall be wise to conclude that HCG diet does have its own share of complications mentioned above. In most cases, the dangers have superseded the temporary weight loss. If any of the side effects persists for long, it is advised that you seek medical attention to avoid the matter from taking an ugly shape. Remember, HCG diet is a strict  ‘No’ for children and breastfeeding mothers. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you must talk to your doctor before embarking upon the diet.

Finally, pure HCG drops have far lesser side effects that homeopathic drops. And for this reason homeopathic drops are illegal where as pure hcg drops are legal. Hence, we recommend that you purchase only legit hcg drops. If you are unsure as to where to purchase legit drops then visit this site which compares legit hcg drops independently.

HCG Diet Australia – Best Places to Buy

There are times when you may ask if HCG diet Australia works. In fact, based on the different types of HCG products 1280px-Flag_of_Australia.svgin the Australia market today, you may be in doubt of their results. Selecting the best HCG diet in Australia may even pose a problem based on the various options in the market. Reading through this text will help you purchase the best Australia HCG diet that glow with effective results.

HCG diet Australia is one of the best weight loss supplements that you can depend on. This is because users can derive several benefits from the best HCG diet in Australia. One of the benefits of the best HCG diet in Australia is helping you to achieve your weight loss plans. This is the ultimate benefit that people residing in Australia can get from HCG diet. Since the product works in diverse ways, you are sure to experience top-notch results with respect to your weight loss goals.

In most cases, the accumulation of fat in the body is caused due to high craving for fatty foods. This can even go a long way to affect your health condition. Australia HCG products often help to cut out excessive fat in the body. This can be achieved by not making you to crave for fatty foods. Australia HCG drops will carry out this function by easily regulating the stored fat areas of your body. Once this is regulated, you will never experience stored fat in your body again. However, Australia HCG diet will help to control the serotonin levels of your brain. This simply means that the hypothalamus of your brain will function to reduce craving for excess. Provided your hypothalamus starts functioning properly to reduce craving, unwanted fat will no longer be stored in the body. It will be used to produce energy for your body, time and again.

Another great benefit of using Australia HCG diet is to experience increased metabolism. Australia HCG diet can help your body experience increased metabolism. Increased metabolism is a key foundation to burn fat easily in your body. Provided that your body metabolic rate is high, there is every possibility to burn unwanted fat quickly. You will always remain functional after using the best HCG diet in Australia. Increased metabolic rates can as well help to maintain your health condition effectively. Using Australia HCG diet guarantees your balanced health condition.

Tips On Purchasing HCG Diet Australia:

One of the best methods to purchase HCG diet Australia is by using the online approach. The online approach will always help you to experience safety and peace of mind. Due to the various products in market today, navigating on the official website of the the Australia HCG diet will help in purchasing the best.

In case you want to purchase Australia HCG diet, ensure to check if it comes with cash back money guarantee. All pure products of Australia HCG drops usually come with cash back money guarantee. Through this method, you will be sure of using the best product, time and again.

Best HCG Drops In Canada

As often mentioned, HCG drops remain one of the most amazing weight loss products in the market. Nevertheless,

Canada_flagyou can presently find several HCG products in Canada. There are some with the promise to help dieters shed weight easily. There are others that also take some time prior to functioning effectively. This article will help you discover the best HCG drops in Canada easily.

The best HCG drops in Canada usually come with several features of uniqueness. Based on this uniqueness, you will be able to purchase the best product. One important feature that the best HCG drops in Canada will display is the ability of not causing any side-effect on users. If you are opting for the best HCG drops in Canada, it is important to know that users will not be affected negatively while using the product. This is basically because the best HCG drops usually come from natural ingredients. On this note, you safety is guaranteed.

Another great feature of the best HCG drops in Canada is 100 percent cash back money guarantee. To prove to users that the HCG drops in Canada will effectively work, a cash back money guarantee is often offered. This will help you to try the product prior to purchasing one. Through this method, you are sure to gain total confidence on the positive functionality of the product. If you are in Canada looking for HCG drops, be assured of the safety and effective results. This will feature will never make you go wrong when envisaging to buy HCG drops in Canada.

The HCG drops in Canada will always help users to suppress their appetite. Since the basic reason of producing the HCG drops remain in cutting out extra pounds, users are sure to experience suppression in their appetite for fatty foods. The product will ensure that your craving for fatty foods is totally reduce. This will finally prevent the accumulation of extra fat stored in the body. If you are planning to buy HCG drops in Canada, be assured that your appetite will be 100 percent reduced for optimum results.

Increased metabolism is another great feature of HCG drops in Canada. With increased metabolic rates, you are sure to burn excessive fat in the body. The best HCG drops in Canada will ensure that you experience an increased metabolic rate, time and again. This will finally help your crave for fatty foods to be totally minimized.

Few Tips To Purchase HCG Drops In Canada:

Ensure to always purchase the best HCG drops in Canada on the internet. This is because this method will guarantee your health safety and shipment.

Ensure to always purchase the best HCG drops in Canada through the official website platform. You will be sure to get the pure type of the product.

Ensure to always check on the logo or label of the best HCG drops in Canada. Through this means, you will be able different between the pure or real product from the fake options.

Details Of The HCG Drops Fact Or Fiction

HCG drops will always remain one of the most powerful weight loss solutions that count. Even in the face of chaos fact-or-fictionwhen selecting diet supplements, HCG drops will never pose any difficulty to use. This is because the product comes with several features and benefits. To be factual, using HCG drops for your weight loss problem will never make you go wrong. You are sure of finding quality results that other products do not give. This is because the product is made from natural ingredients that have long lasting positive effects on your body. Read on to discover HCG drops fact or fiction.

The most important fact to know about the product is that users will never experience any side-effect. The product has been confirmed not to cause any negative effect on users. This is only an attribute of the purity of the product. Since the product is 100 percent pure, you are sure to shed weight without stress attached. This is one of the most effective fictions to know of the HCG drops. There is 100 percent guarantee that the product will never cause you any health complication or danger. This is also a great feature from the natural ingredients that forms the product.

Another great fiction of the product is its capability of suppressing your appetite. There are so many products outside there claiming to suppress appetite. Many have failed to offer clients the best results of their claim. In the case of HCG drops, you are sure to reduce your crave for fatty foods easily and effectively. This is because the product is confirmed to work naturally to your urgent weight loss needs. On this note, using the product will never make your get fat or increase in weight again. You can always trust on the valued service of the HCG drops.

Metabolic upgrade is also counted among the best facts of the HCG drops. Burning excessive fat from the body is an attribute of increased metabolism. HCG drops can always help dieters to increase their metabolic rates. When this occurs, you are sure to burn fat from your body effectively. This fact cannot be argued by anyone. The HCG drops have all it takes to keep your body metabolism increased. In fact, you will discover quick results after using the product. It is sure to help you shed about 1-2 lbs on a daily basis.
Increasing the serotonin levels is another great fiction of the product. HCG drops will always help to regulate the serotonin levels in the brain. Low serotonin levels will always make you crave for fatty foods. However, if your serotonin levels become increased, there is every possibility to lack the appetite of craving for more fatty foods. HCG drops remain king in help your brain get balanced towards shedding away extra pounds in the body. You can always be sure to get liberated from eating excessively after taking HCG drops. The rates at which the product will offer quality results remain exceptional. On this note, you can always learn to trust on the product, over and over again.

Features Of The Pure HCG Drops

Buying pure HCG drops will always help you to experience quick results. This is the first feature of the pure HCG pure-waterproduct. HCG drops are often known as the best method of cutting down your weight without any stress attached. This product has been seen by dieters as one of the most effective brands in the market. Differentiating this product from others can help you experience quick results. It is excruciating to know that people usually fall victim of the product by some fake advertisements. For this reason, this article is specially written to help you discover the basic features of the pure HCG drops. Reading through the great points of this article will help you understand the basic features of the pure HCG drops.

The pure HCG product can only be purchased from the official website online. This is one of the great features of the product. If you are seeing the product from other outlets, then be informed that danger lies along the corner. The only way to buy the product is through the online resort. Using this method will always help you to purchase the real product with enormous benefits. Fake HCG drops will only increase the health danger of your body.

Affordability is another great feature of the product. HCG drops is often cheap and easily to use. It is never a difficult thing to use the product. It is not painful and will never expose users to any danger. Reading through the instructions of the product’s label will help you understand how to use it. You should not be fooled by the fake logo other selling outlets can use. The pure HCG will always come with the factory label. This signifies that the product is real and can be used positively to achieve your weight loss goals.

The real HCG drops will never pose any side-effect on users. This is because the main source of the real HCG drops emanate from natural ingredients. On this note, you will never experience any negation while using the product. To be factual, the product is specially means to suppress your appetite. The pure HCG is sure to help your hunger levels. It will never make you crave for fat foods. On this note, your weight will be perfectly controlled without any side-effect. This can as well be counted among the great features of the real HCG drops.

The pure HCG drops will also help to increase your metabolic rates. When it carries out this process, you will be happy yo comfortable loss weight without any danger. The fake HCG drops will not help to increase your metabolic rates. This simply means that your level of burning fat will not be functional leading to excessive weight gain. With the comprehensive details of the pure HCG drops, you are sure to always purchase the real product without stress attached. This practically explains the basic values of the real HCG drops. You can always depend on the real HCG drops for the best results.

Facts Of HCG Drops For Sale

Do you know that there are so many facts about HCG drops for sale? In most cases, you can see an advertisement 5424c10d359famentioning ”HCG drops for sale.” Whenever you see this type of advertisement, it is highly important to be careful. This is because dieters can make the wrong choice in selecting the product. At this juncture, it is important to mention that both fake and pure HCG drops can be found in the market. Picking the right choice will help you experience all the features of the pure HCG drops. On the other hand, if the wrong choice is selected, then the negations of the fake HCG drops will come upon you. This article will explain everything on how to help you select the right HCG drops that glow with effective results.

Whenever you see an inscription of ”HCG drops for sale,” ensure to always check on the label of the product. Real HCG drops will come with factory label confirming its purity. The purity of HCG drops is always 100 percent and can effectively help you to find quality results. Using this idea will help you to select the best product that converts. Another important thing to know is that HCG drops can be purchase from the official website service of the product. Other outlets may just be marketing the fake option of the product. This is where you have to be careful when envisaging on purchasing real HCG drops. Never be fooled by the sweet advertisement of other selling outlets. Ensure to check your source of purchase before buying the product. This point will never make you go wrong when planning to purchase the real HCG drops. It is a good idea to always buy real HCG drops online. This is the only guaranteed method of buying quality HCG drops that work to offer your body quality results.

Since HCG drops is often the cheapest product to get online with respect to weight loss, ensure to always check on the cost of the product prior to purchasing one. You will be happy for doing so. It is an affordable product that you can ever find in the entire industry. In case you are finding a selling out that market the product costly, then be sure it is fake. Real HCG drops does not have any side-effect on users and will never show any sign of danger. This is one of the basic facts to know about the product. Fake HCG drops will always cause excessive vomiting, nausea, pain, fatigue and other health complications. Provided you are able to understand these basic facts, purchasing the real HCG drops will never pose any problem again. You will always experience quick and effective results, time and again. Never also fall for fake logos when purchasing the products. Ensure to know the real HCG drops logo before buying one. You will always be secured when applying these facts. This is the best way to buy the real HCG drops. You can always give it a try now.

What Is HCG Drops?

HCG has been discovered a hormone found in the early stages of pregnancy. Presently, HCG is one of the most effective weight loss products in the world. HCG is a product when injected into the body will help to release stored fat. When using 500 calorie low diet and HCG drops, there is possibility for your weight to get reduced. The product is sure to help you slash down weight of about 1-2 lbs on a daily basis. When using the product, you will discover that your lean muscles get prevented effectively. The product can effectively work on your thighs, waist and arms. The product has no side-effect when used and can offer top-notch solutions to your weight loss problems. The ingredient used in manufacturing HCG is made from natural source of the body. For this reason, HCG drops will also work effectively to help you experience quick results.

The HCG drops can effectively work by combining the product with healthy protein diets. This will help you discover pGNC1-8958970dtquick and reliable results. In fact, the protein diets combine with the HCG drops can as well help you discover top-notch results. The HCG drops have been discovered as one of the most effective weight loss product that dieters can depend on. It is not painful when using the product. Research has shown that the HCG drops remain cheap to users need. To get quick and quality results, it is often a good idea to use the product with vegetables, protein, fruits and just to mention a few. HCG drops come with great features that can guarantee the reduction of your appetite. Taking HCG drops in the required dosage will help to minimize your quest for fatty foods. One effective feature of the HCG drops is in upgrading your metabolic rates. For this reason, it can be clearly mentioned that HCG drops will never be negative to your body. Ensure to always buy the pure product of HCG drops. This will help to prevent negations such as excessive vomiting, nausea and just to mention a few.


When taking the HCG drops, it is expedient to know the number of dosage. There are several ways of taking the product depending on your weight and the goal. Normally, dieters with less than 200 lbs should take 10 drops and usually three times on a daily basis. In case your weight is within 200-25 lbs, then ensure to take 12 drops for three times in a day. People having weight over 250 lbs can take 15 drops for also three times daily. Making your final decision to the time of start using the product is highly important. Women should abstain from using the product in the first 10 days of their menstrual period. Shaking properly before using the product will help you discover quick and quality results. Now, ensure to place the correct number of drop under your tongue. Drops placed under the tongue should be kept for about thirty second to a minute before swallowing. This will help you experience quick results.

HCG Food List – The Best For You

The HCG diet plan will work effectively when combined with low protein calorie food count. HCG can be taken via healthy-habitsinjection, drops, sprays of transdermal gels mode. The HCG diet plan came into existence by the British physician A.T.W. Simeons. Dieters are expected to consume about 500 calorie on a daily basis. The HCG diet plan can help dieters to shed about 1-3 lbs on a daily basis. With this type of diet restriction on the amount of calorie to consume, you are sure to experience quality results. Finding the appropriate foods for the HCG plan may remain challenging. Is your quest on the HCG food list? Reading through the enumerated points in this text will help you to discover quick results.

The HCG Food List:

There is a gamut of foods that can work effectively when taking the HCG diet plan. It is important to know that there are no deviations in the volume of foods to take when envisaging on the HCG diet plan. There is every possibility to switch from one food mode to another during the day. For example, if you are envisaging to consume an apple for breakfast rather than for launch, it is important to eat such type of food in your next meal plan.

There are some drinks that you can take when on the HCG diet plan. This can be found in the likes of coffee, tea, juice of a lemon, and plain or mineral water. It is also important to know that your selected drinks must be free of sugar. You can use sugar alternatives to garner the taste of your drinks. Stevia and saccharin are accepted as alternatives to sugar. You are free to consume any of the following drinks, but taking about 2 liters of water on a daily basis can work.

Proteins and meats can as well be taken. This can be found in the likes of crab, chicken breast, beef, veal, fresh white fish, lobster, and shrimp. You can ensure to get rid of any fat on the meat. Ensure to take off the bone of the chicken breast. There are certain foods that are not accepted. Herring, tuna, eel, salmon, and dried/pickled fish

You can as well consume vegetables such as chicory, chard, spinach, green salad, beet-greens, celery, tomatoes, onions, fennel, cucumbers, red radishes, cabbage and asparagus.

In the case of fruit, you can take oranges, strawberries, apples, and half of a grapefruit. These options will help effectively in meeting your weight loss goals easily. You will not have to struggle to get quick and positive results when using these fruits. For starches, grissino or Melba toast may be taken for breakfast.


All the diet types explained in this article will never make you go wrong when talking about HCG food list. These have been tested and proven to offer the best result to your weight loss plans. You will never experience any negative effect by following this food list structure. You can always give it a try now.